Installation of CLIC Po Polsku
If you can read this page it means that you have not installed the CLIC application yet, or you have an older version of the E-Group Security Plugin.

This document describes how to install or upgrade CLIC application on your system.

Clients of CLIC, please, note that our Internet Banking service has been improved and the new service is only available with the latest version of E-Group Security Plugin, so you have to reinstall the CLIC application.

Important: CLIC supports only Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 up to 11.0

If you do not have a smartcard driver installed, first install the card driver. The setup program can be downloaded from here: Card Installer. If you are not familiar with installation of new drivers, please, ask for assistance from the Bank.

Please, follow the installation procedure as it is described:
Download the E-Group_Security_Plugin.msi by clicking on the name of the file. Run the program automatically or from your file manager. Close your Internet Explorer when the first welcome screen of the installation program appears. After having closed the browsers click on the Next button and the program extracts itself and starts the installation procedure automatically. After the installation, you can start your browser. In Explorer 7 and 8 you must turn off the popup-blocker in Tools menu and in Settings, insert the destination site address into the trusted site list. In case of problems, please, contact the bank.